Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine

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We are living in the digital era, and life without the internet is practically unimaginable, right from finding a recipe and looking for the best phone to buy, to seeing a doctor or lawyer, millions of people around the world search for something that they need on the internet. 

Which is why almost every business today is opting for search engine optimization (SEO) to help their customers connect with their brand online. 

At Digital Arise, our team makes use of modern SEO services, along with the best digital practices such as Social Media Marketing to increase the traffic and rankings for keywords and search phrases that drive business to our client’s website.

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Best SEO Agency in Pune | Digital Arise

With multiple SEO client case studies and a great team of SEO experts from all over the world, we are one of the most valuable SEO companies in Pune. Instead of guessing, we base our SEO plans on over a decade of analysis and scientifically validated data, so you get actual outcomes and the highest ROI attainable.

Step 1: Website Audit

Our SEO specialists work relentlessly to assure our customers are on the forefront, for which we have developed a ‘recipe to success,’ which guarantees that our client’s keywords outrank their rivals and drives the highest traffic to their website. To give you an overview of how we operate, here is a step-by-step analysis.

Technical Audit for SEO | Digital Arise

Technical Audit

For this model, we study every detail on your website, which can affect your SEO performance.

Content Audit for SEO | Digital Arise

Content Audit

To go above and beyond as the top SEO agency, we implement another kind of audit as well. In most cases, this audit is only carried when a particular website includes many pages of content, which can be used to ensure the website or webpage rank faster or relevant keywords. 

Keyword Research for SEO | Digital Arise

Step 2: Keyword Research

To learn where your target audience is, you need to understand how people search, what do they search for, and how search engines utilize keywords to promote websites on their result pages.

Therefore, as an SEO agency in Pune, we conduct a keyword set with catch-phrases that have strategically selected to guarantee your customers or clients find you when they require it the most.

Step 3: Competitor Analysis

It’s no secret that competition is a healthy and necessary part of every industry. This is because there are many benefits that come with identifying and analyzing your competition to increase your target audience and find strategies that have been successful. 

That being said, your online competitors could be the same or different from your actual competitors, hence, to leverage from your online competitors, we do the following: 


  • Identify who your online competitors are  
  • Get new keyword opportunities by checking out which keywords they are targeting 
  • Analyze how they have optimized their website and content 
  • Examine their website’s site structure and UX 
  • Check out competitor’s backlink profiles
Competitor Analysis for SEO | Digital Arise
On Page SEO | Digital Arise

Step 4: On-Page Tasks

Conducting on-page tasks on your website is extremely crucial when it comes to ensuring your website ranks in high positions on search engines. It’s not a one-time task; hence, you need to regularly keep a check on your site’s health and ensure the technical factors are taken off. Tools like Google Search Console and Analytics help to identify any technical issues your site may currently be facing. Due to the sheer volume of tasks involved, our search engine optimization services include an ultimate checklist of SEO technical optimizations that can help you achieve desired results. 


Mentioned below are some of the most vital pointers that are part of the Cyclitics Technical SEO Checklist: 

  • Optimize the robots.txt file and optimize whenever required 
  • Optimize the URL structure on the website and optimize whenever required
  • Optimize the navigation and website structure 
  • Add breadcrumb menus to posts and pages 
  • Check and add canonical URLs wherever relevant 
  • Check and optimize 404 pages 
  • Create and optimize XML sitemap and submit it to search engines 
  • Enable or check if HTTPS is working optimally
We maintain all your important deadlines | Digital Arise
Off Page SEO | Digital Arise

Step 5: Off-Page Tasks

With all the on-page optimizations, brands often forget one of the most important off-page activities; off-page, also known as link building. Till date, the number of links directing users to your website plays a huge role to determine your position on search engine result pages. Moreover, these links also help to drive referral traffic to your site while increasing your website’s authority. 

But, why are links so relevant to Google and other search engine’s algorithms? Simply put, backlinks help the search engines determine which site ranks for which keywords, as well as use the number of links as a signal to identify the quality of your website. Hence, sites with more backlinks tend to earn higher rankings. 

As a trusted SEO expert, we provide a host of third-party sites and connections with multiple high-quality guest blogging websites. Our team not only helps customers build links but also ensure they are from high authority websites.

Step 6: Optimizing and maintaining results

While there are many references made by specialists regarding which tactics improve sites rank in SERPs, there is no specific guideline. Hence, the essential step in the whole search engine optimization process is tracking the performance and recognizing what’s working and what’s not. Based on this data, we make modifications to the plan for optimal results. 

Besides, to ensure you are well aware of all the exercises we are conducting, we give an in-depth report every month, highlighting what we have arranged and how your website has served from it. We also include strategies that we plan to perform for the next month.

We optimize and maintain results for your website | Digital Arise

Why You Should Choose Digital Arise for SEO Services in Pune

SEO Experts In Pune

Some SEO firms want to deceive you with ideas and language. We want to see you succeed. Our team of SEO experts investigates every aspect of your company, website, and client base before crafting a custom plan that’s based on hard data, so we grasp it’s going to get you the most beneficial results

ROI Focused SEO Services That Generates Results

We don’t imagine, assume, or wish for the best with your SEO. We develop our SEO strategies around proper research and carefully tested data. And we show our results every time as we focus all our efforts to provide the best ROI and results.

Customized billing packages

Different companies will have varying needs when it comes to search engine optimization and a good agency will understand that. You do not want a company that tries to fit you in their existing pricing tiers when they are not your best choice.

Industry-Specific SEO Services Company

Hotel SEO services in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO For Hotels/Resorts

Hotels and resorts should make use of SEO to improve their business significantly. People searching for an extraordinary cuisine in a city near a restaurant area or looking to book a hotel for their travel usually turn to the internet for recommendations. Complete SEO operations will improve your restaurant’s online presence, gain more visibility than competing venues, and potentially stimulate more reviews from local customers, further affecting your online profile.

Hospital SEO sevices in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO for Hospitals/Clinics/Doctors

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company or practising in research and development in the pharmaceutical field, we can give you tailored SEO services to meet your individual needs and attract the unique type of customers or associates, who are relevant to your niche. Significant search engine rankings in your distinct sector can also assist you in building your name among opponents, something that is essential to be substantial in the medical industry.

University/School/College SEO Services in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO for University/School/College

With multiple institutions and courses available to students, they are constantly on the lookout to find an educational organization that will best suit their needs and requirements. By implementing SEO practises, universities, schools, and colleges can easily stand apart from their competition and provide all the relevant details to students to ensure the relevant target audience chooses you.

SEO for tour and travel in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO for Tour and Travels

With the ease of technology and multiple platforms, people often turn to the internet to find the best tours and travels services to plan their next trip. If you’re a part of this industry, we provide the best SEO services to ensure you’re always on the first positions that compel users to click on your platform.

Lawyer's SEO services in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO For Lawyers

Law firms need to target prospects based on their specific services. People who need some expertise in the law sector will look for firms who are credible and near their neighbourhood, and local SEO practices can aid companies to reach the targeted public more efficiently.

Spa/Salon SEO services in Pune | Digital Arise

SEO for Spa/Salon

Nothing is valuable to us than our patrons in the form and excellence sector. If you are amongst them, we at Digital Arise will advance to the event and offer beneficial SEO services to you. We provide complete SEO resolutions to health and beauty industries, helping them achieve high rankings. 

What can You Expect From Us?

Website Visibility

With innovative strategies and best SEO practices, we ensure that your website is always on the top positions that enhances the visibility of your website. 

Beat your competitors

With the constant analysis from our team of experts, we ensure that your website is always one step ahead of your competition. 

Higher Sales

With more relevant people coming to your website, and increased brand awareness, the number of conversions is bound to increase, which will eventually lead to higher sales and revenue. 

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If you’re looking to rank your website on search engine result pages and to convert relevant traffic coming to your website, we at Digital Arise, a search engine optimization company are just a call away! 

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