10 Reasons To Hire Digital Marketing Agency for Business Growth in 2020

Having an online presence is more than sharing pictures on Social Media and running campaigns that bring customers to your website. 

Digital marketing comprises a set of marketing tactics that is not limited to a social media marketing or content marketing alone. There’s more to it, like Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and others.

Although you may not need all the strategies for your business, still a few of these would be required for any business to do well digitally. 

Doing all these with an in-house team would be difficult due to lack of expertise or knowledge. That’s when the requirement of a digital marketing agency pops up. 

The reasons listed below will help you understand why you need a digital marketing agency to run the business successfully.

Why is digital marketing important for business?

With the advent of digital media, all the businesses are going online. Due to Covid-19, even the ones that were solely running offline on traditional marketing tactics had to adapt and migrate online. 

With over 560 million internet users in India and 4536 million in the world, the need of Digital Marketing has increased. It’s easier to target an online audience in huge numbers instead of aiming for a small group of people via offline marketing. 

The fact that the number of internet users is only going to increase at a rapid rate makes Digital Marketing a necessity for any business to run successfully. 

Digital Marketing not only helps you reach people in large numbers but also the right ones. The conversions be it sales, consultation calls, bookings or products is guaranteed provided you hire a Digital Marketing Agency that’s best for you.



10 Reasons to hire a digital marketing agency


1) Work with industry experts

Let’s think, you’ve decided to migrate your business online or scale the existing business. Now, it’s highly unlikely that you or your team would be well versed with the current Digital Marketing growth hacks. So, it’s not worth it for you or the team to waste time trying out things on their own. 

The golden rule to run any business successfully is, to execute at a faster pace. When you outsource your business to a digital marketing agency, you save a lot of time. You get to work with industry experts who know their craft. There’s no need for extra time to experiment with things. Working with a group of experienced individuals will also help you stay ahead of your competitors.

2) Make use of the right tools and resources

Is your in-house team aware of the tools that are best for your business? Have they tried it all and then zeroed on to the one tool? Probably not. 

A digital marketing agency is well-versed with all the tools that are required for a business. Using a tool effectively is not the goal but using it rightly for the benefit of an organization. Digital marketers at an agency are specialized in using tools to help grow the businesses

3) Specific strategy that works for your business

The people working in your organization may have the same mindset if they have been working with you for years. In such a case, out-of-the-box ideas are a distant dream. To stay relevant in this generation, you need to keep innovating and reinventing the business. 

When working with an agency, you get fresh perspectives and feedback that can help you change the business model or approach altogether. Moreover, agencies come up with strategies that are ideal for your business. 

4) KPIs to grow your business

The only way to find out if the strategies or campaigns are doing well is to check the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). The KPIs for any business may differ based on the end goal. It could be the number of sales, social media engagement, Emailers or website traffic. 

Agencies share detailed weekly and monthly analytical reports that help you measure the results. It makes it easy for you to decide whether the campaigns or any other marketing approach is working for you or not. 

5) Helps you stay up to date with the industry

Digital marketing is a dynamic field, it keeps changing with every Google update. One day your website may be ranking on the first page and the next day it can disappear due to the algorithm update. This is the case in terms of Social Media as well. The organic reach on a platform keeps fluctuating. 

With so many changes happening at a rapid rate, it’s hard to keep track of it as an individual or a team who is not experienced. But, in agencies, it’s their job to stay updated with the current changes. 

You don’t need to worry about the changes in the marketing strategies based on the latest updates. Agencies adapt to the changes and make new strategies accordingly. 

6) Declutter with only one point of contact

Imagine how it would be to check with each person in your organization about the results of ongoing marketing tactics?

Quite difficult, right?

Well, it’s the opposite when working with an agency. You only have one person who reports to you on behalf of everyone. So, you get all the details at one place without even moving a finger. 

It saves a lot of time and energy that you can utilize for the betterment of your products or focus on other business-related work. 

7) Minimize the costs 

Hiring an SEO expert, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Marketing Manager, and Social Media Marketer would be too costly especially if you’re just starting up. It would require a huge amount of investment both in terms of money and time. 

But you can totally minimize this cost by outsourcing your work to a Digital Marketing Agency. It would cost relatively less. Also, you don’t even need to put time and effort to train the individuals. 

8) Buy time to focus on your business

Leave all your worries about the marketing part of your business and focus on the core objectives instead. There’s no longer a need to hire, train or handle an internal team as the agency will do what’s best for you. 

9) Uninterrupted marketing 

Usually, when the marketing is managed by an internal team, there comes a gap on the execution level. It could be due to the lack of understanding of key metrics or absence of a particular person or some other reason. Although it may seem silly and negligible at the moment, it impacts the overall branding of your business. 

Consistency is the key in online marketing. An agency will help you exactly with that. All the marketing efforts are aligned as per the scheduled date. There’s no delay when working with an agency as there’s more than one individual working for the same role. 

10) Constant flow of content

Content is everywhere, it drives customers to your landing page and then makes them buy the product. It also makes people follow your social media handles. The more, the better. It can be overwhelming to brainstorm content ideas and pen them down. You’re bound to run out of ideas when you have an internal team. 

However, the core work of the marketing agencies is to create fresh content based on recent trends. They plan, they create and they schedule the content without compromising on the quality. Be rest assured when an agency takes over your digital marketing needs. 

Why choose Digital Arise Digital Marketing Agency?


Now that you know the reasons to hire a digital marketing agency for your business, it’s time to find the right agency and get started already. 

Digital Arise is one such Digital Marketing Agency that you can blindly choose. Here are the reasons why Digital Arise is best for you

  • Work with a dedicated team that is always available for you. 
  • Get better results with a customer-centric marketing approach. 
  • Let the digital experts lead your online business.
  • ROI focused marketing approach catered to your business. 
  • Customized reports and competitor analysis to help decide the next steps. 

Everyone is always on the lookout to work the best. A new digital agency opens up every other day. It’s hard to figure the best one out of the many agencies out there. However, Digital Arise takes pride in its team and work. 

To Conclude

Hiring a digital agency is the only way to stay ahead of the competition for companies that need digital marketing to thrive. With their knowledge and expertise, an agency can help you move in the right direction. Get started with running campaigns for your businesses faster than you could imagine. 

What are you waiting for? Schedule a consultation call or reach out to us for any questions related to digital marketing.

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